From the Teacher's Heart

It is great honour to me having a memorable moment to express my healthy heartly feelings about our ‘Rishikul Pariwar’ as well as its knowldege branch ‘kalyani’. It is beyond any doubt that every new edition of our ‘kalyani’ provides a platform to the students to promote creativity and to nurture the latent skills of young minds. Any article, poem and art works published in our magazine serve as a source of encouragment for the buckling author or artist.It is well said that:

“Well Done is Better Than Well Said.”

And our ‘Kalyani’ serves all of us for the same concepet.

In this pursit I can’t neglect the supervision of our honourable Director Mam Upasana Tyagi which is highly appreciated. And our special thanks goes to our respectable Principal Sir, Mr.Satish Tyagi, Whose timely guidence encourges us in this era of cut throat
competition. The co-operative attitude of our staff members gives me immense pleasure.

I hope our ‘Kalyan’ will provide distinguished performance and achievements of both students as well as staff. Publishing of our ‘Kalyani’ is the best way to gauge the academic, extra curricular and co- curricular index of the school which will serve as stepping stone towards the many miles stone we have to cover in pursuit of excellence.
Thankyou All !!


Mr. Govind Verma
T.G.T English