From H.O.D Maths Department

“Lives of great man all remind us,
we can make our lives sublime
and departing leave behind us,
footprints on the sands of time”.

I do not belive in the doctrine that life is only”eat drink and be merry” To lead a meaningful life one must have a constructive ambition.It is only motivation which accelerates a person to achieve his goal. Many times source of motivation comes from great, and eminent personalities.For me Mother Tersa is such a source.She defined time, age and artifical national boundries. She raised herself so high that she became a legend in her own life time.Mother Tersa had become the most respected name for the thousands of leapers, destitute,disable and suffering souls throughout the world. She was born of Albanian parents in Europe.From her very childhood,she was unsually kind heartled and felt sorry to see anyone in distress.When she was barely seventeen years old the paltform for her work.He work and interest did not confine her to the people of her own country but this she thought was intrested in working for the poor anywhere in the world. She came to India and started her life as a teacher in a small missionary school in Calcultta. Mother moved into the city slums to provide solace and comfort tot the poor and the down trodden. She nursed the sick and afflicted without any hesitation. She opened schools for lepers and orphans. She was awarded the noble prize for peace and the government of India conferred the highest honor, “The Bharat Ratna” on her outstanding and exemplary service of humanity.

Mother Teresa is a beacon light who showed me a path to walk upon because I feel the same agony and painfor the weak, poor and under privileged people of our society. Mother’s life is an example which gives us thoughts that instead of leading a life of mediocrity we should strike for the betterment and enlistment other needy.

“Life is mostly :froth and bubble
Two things slands life stone
Kindness in another’s trouble
Courage in your own

Mr. Kuldeep Sharma
H.O.D Mathematics