From H.O.D English Deptt.

Make us Feel Proud

as you know, it is education that shapes our thoughts and personality. It is education that makes us realise we are wrong or right. For the purpose of “true education ” you get admission in an institution. An Institution plays vital role in moulding personality of the students. In the modern era, the parents are much concerned about good education of their children. Many Students who have passed out from our institution , they will become good sports persons in college. Some Students will prove themselves in academics. They will utilise the knowledge and “moral values” they have learnt in our institution. At Present, the students, will go to differnet colleges on the basis of your streams. We teachers have expecations from you that you that you never forget your aim of life. Your aim of the life is to make your “bright career”.However, You may face many hurdles in your life. But you will keep going on in your life with postive attitude.You will show your abilities as good citizens of your country. In your school, and colleges you are known to your particlular names. But after becoming sucessful persons in your life, you will be recognised as good doctors, engineers and IPS officers.You will impress others by your profession, your individual standard will be counted among people.With these conculding lines, I expect from all the students that you will prove, yourselves as good citizen of your country.You will work hard in your lives. As it is true, there is no substitute of hard work. I hope, you will work hard for betterment of our nation. You will make us feel proud. You will bring “height of glory” to our institution. May you get success in your life!